CPAP and BIPAP Treaments and Explanations for Sleep Apnea

Published: 13th August 2009
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This purpose of this article is to explain the treatments of sleep apnea with CPAP and BIPAP Machines.

CPAP Treatments

CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) is the most common treatment for patients who have been diagnosed for
Sleep Apnea. The amount of pressure being delivered with a CPAP machine is usually determined by your sleep study
and varies for each person. This equipment is only available through an order written by your physician. The biggest
problem associated with CPAP is the patient's inability to tolerate air pressure, the type of cpap mask used, or
poor cpap mask fitting. Over a period of time many patients do get used to the pressure from CPAP with practice. I
have found that an excellent way to alleviate the discomfort especially during this learning phase is to use the "ramp"
feature. The patient can use this feature anytime they are having difficulty tolerating the pressure from CPAP. The
"ramp" feature reduces the pressure dramatically and within 30-45 minutes the pressure slowly builds up until optimal
pressure has been reached again. The patient will usually fall asleep during this period and not notice the increased air

BIPAP Treatment

BiLevel or BiPAP (Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure) is designed for patients who have a high pressure prescribed or who
have trouble tolerating the pressure associated with CPAP. BiPap has two pressures. Inspiratory (inhalation) and
Expiratory (exhalation) The Expiratory pressure is dramatically reduced so the patient can tolerate BiPAP. Although this
equipment is much more expensive than CPAP most insurance companies will pay for it with the proper documentation.

BIPAP and CPAP Equipment Guidelines

In conclusion, there are many types of equipment and supplies to treat Sleep Apnea. Selecting the right equipment to
handle your personal pressure settings along with a comfortable mask and the right filters and cushions can be quite
confusing. Therefore, it is important that you select a company that can not only provide you with quality CPAP machines
and CPAP supplies but also with personal service customized for your particular needs. The very best durable medical
equipment companies are awarded the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission so that is also something to look for
when selecting a company. Lastly, select a company that specializes in Sleep Apnea equipment and service for your best
chance at achieving your goal to sleep better now!

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